My love of photography began as soon as I received my first film camera at age 8.

After completing a 2 year training in Early Childhood Education and Development, I started working as a professional nanny and began taking photos of the kids and families that I nannied for. It was then that I  realized how much I loved portrait photography. I soon began studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, focusing on photography.

One of my favorite things about this line of work is having the honor of being someone's go-to photographer, year after year. I get the chance to see how both families and businesses grow over the years; to build real relationships with repeat clients.


Every story has a "why" behind it. Why do you do what you do? What brought you to be a photographer?

My answer is because I want to  help to freeze & transcend time. My intentions have created what my business has become today.


For events, I hope capture a moment in time, the essence of the day (or night!) and how much fun it was to be there.


For professionals, I help show the world their best face. For businesses, I help to show their product and brand in it's best light.

I hope to be more than your photographer, I hope to be a memory maker and a visual storyteller. My goal is to be your "photographer for life!"